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Winman's Saral Tax 11.1

Winman Saral Tax is a most user-friendly Income Tax computation software
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Winman Saral Tax is a most user-friendly Income Tax computation software. It calculates tax, generates statements and return forms and performs a host of other functions. Saral tax uses Multiflex Technology. This allows the user to do ordinary as well as advanced computations in the simplest possible way. It offers you the following benefits:

Single window computation
In Saral Tax, computation of income under all heads of income with any number of sources is possible in a single table.

Auto row generation
Saral Tax offers one page computation and the table expands as you add entries. It is by automatic generation of rows feature from Multiflex Technology.

Instantaneous output
If you just make an entry your total income, tax, interest etc, are displayed instantaneously in a single table.

Other Features :
* Built-in and customized lists
* Auto row display
* Flexible computation table
* Options for customizing
* Useful MIS reports
* Imports data relating to previous years
* One page summary of computations
* Auto recovery of files in case of abrupt stoppage of PC thereby avoiding loss of data
* Automatic Backup your files
* Storage of data of individual clients in a separate files for easy transfer
* Keyboard shortcuts for most of the actions
* No limitation on number of clients
* Printing options Dos and Windows

Saral Tax Computes :
* Minimum Alternative Tax
* Capital gains of assets including shares
* Allowable remuneration of partners
* Deemed profits u/s 44AD,44AE,44AF
* Depreciation and additional depreciation
* Taxable HRA, Gross annual value etc.
* Relief u/s 89 with Form.10E
* Interest on NSC with automatic posting u/s 80C
* Deductions u/s 80D, 80G, 80GG etc.
* Rebate u/s 88E
* 234A & B interest with floating date option
* 234C interest considering the date of capital gains and winnings
* Set-off of brought forward losses
* Carry forward of losses and lots more.....

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